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About Me

I am originally from Columbus, Ohio where I began my creative endeavors in professional photography. I started my Instagram account @leahhmedia right before my senior year of high school as my hub for publishing, outreach, and growth of my business and was able to accumulate a significant following within just a couple of months. My most popular commission was for senior/graduate portraits, though I also did a lot of sports photography and family photos around the holidays. Before this, I established my experience recreationally in various nature, landscape, and portrait photography. While I work now lies more in film, my still photography career remains active, having been commissioned for professional headshots, graduate photos, and behind-the-scenes photography for film sets. 

In 2022, I moved to California to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara. I began as a political science major, but switched to a double major in Film & Media Studies and Communication where I have begun my career in the film & entertainment industry. I joined Delta Kappa Alpha, UCSB's Professional Cinematic Society, which allowed me to work as a crew member on eight student film sets within my first year of college. I worked in a variety of roles in production design, graphic design, sound operation, and more. I have since expanded my experience to focus on cinematography, directing, and writing, even working on professional sets beyond student films, such as commercials and music videos.

I currently work as a Creative Development Intern for Landport Productions, actively collaborating on work for the company as well as fulfilling independent tasks for client projects, such as graphic designing, video editing, and assisting in on-set production.





University of California, Santa Barbara

Film & Media Studies Major

Communication Major

Junior Standing

Dean's Honors List


Delta Kappa Alpha

UCSB Professional Cinematic Society

Sunshine Chair
PR Committe

Events Committee


Bishop Watterson High School

4-Year Honor Roll
All-Honors/AP Coursework
4.209 GPA
Class President (Sophomore, Junior)
Student Body President (Senior)

Student Ambassador

Varsity Track & Field Captain

Varsity Cross Country Captain
Sister Ursula Marie Math Scholarship Recipient


* 5 years of professional graphic design using Adobe Illustrator,           Adobe Photoshop, and Canva

* 8 years of experience in various areas of photography and digital       photo editing

* Knowledge of both Nikon and Canon DSLR Cameras functions

* Developing proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro, with a         

   foundation in basic video editing

* Extensive history working in on-set production roles in a variety 

   of roles and departments

* Consistently positive feedback and results throughout the entirety

   of UCSB's screenwriting class series

* Strong aptitude for other Adobe Creative Programs including 

   Lightroom and InDesign

* Strong understanding of effective digital marketing strategies and 

   current corporate media trends

* Extensive experience using Microsoft Office and Google Suite     


* Acclaimed history in writing for academic, creative, descriptive,    
   and editorial purposes
* Strong leader with experience in many positions of influence
* Quick to learn and works well under pressure

Work Experience

Sept 2023-Present

Landport Productions

Creative Development Intern 

* Participated in weekly meetings to discuss potential and upcoming company projects
* Actively engaged in company meetings and client conversations to suggest innovative ideas and refine proposals based on client feedback
* Demonstrated versatility and adaptability by actively participating in both remote creative tasks and on-set responsibilities, such as camera operating and producing, showcasing a holistic understanding of the film production process

* Worked remotely on projects in a variety of roles by video editing, logo designing, reviewing cuts between stages of post-production, and providing detailed feedback to refine storytelling and visual elements

Sept 2023-Dec 2023

ReThink Ice Cream

Art Director & Campus Brand Manager

Planned and executed brand-wide content with the assistance of the Social Media Manager, ensuring a cohesive and engaging aesthetic across all platforms
* Proactively communicated with local campus businesses, organizations, & Greek life to establish connections and foster creative collaborations, expanding the brand's reach and influence on campus
* Established and led dedicated staff teams for my campus’s branch, creating unique content to cater to UCSB’s local demographic
* Designed attractive graphics for the Instagram pages and made engaging TikToks to showcase the product in a relatable manner, contributing to increased brand awareness and community engagement

Oct 2022-May 2024



* Optimized & executed delivery routes with maximum efficiency, achieving high customer satisfaction ratings.
* Upheld safety standards while navigating through traffic, ensuring the integrity of products and community wellness

* Maintained store organization & assisted in intaking, buying, processing, and restocking product orders

* Assisted racers in maximizing order efficiency and delegated packing or customer service tasks during busy shifts

Aug 2022-Dec 2023

Lifetime Fitness

Membership Concierge Team Member

* Served as the initial point of contact for members and guests, providing a welcoming club experience both in person and over the phone

* Demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of club programs, events, pricing, and policies, ensuring accurate and helpful communication to assist members with their account and membership needs

* Proactively engaged in problem-solving and service recovery, addressing member questions and concerns with efficiency and empathy, utilizing available tools and resources

* Cultivated personal relationships with members by going above and beyond to initiate friendly conversations and foster genuine connections, contributing to a positive & inclusive club community.

Aug 2022-Present



* Designed and advertised compelling personal brand material, maximizing the efficacy of the marketing for my individual photography business

* Cultivated effective communication with clients, tailoring each session to its unique setting and format, showcasing my expertise in aligning creative vision with project needs

* Single handedly executed the entire photography process, from planning to shooting to final editing, ensuring a professional and efficient delivery of high-quality visuals

* Showcased an in-depth knowledge of photography techniques and photo editing strategies, resulting in consistently producing visually captivating final products that met or surpassed client expectations

May 2021-Aug 2021

JCPenney Portrait Studio

Retail Sales Associate

* Actively engaged in customer interactions both over the phone and in-studio, providing a welcoming and personalized experience to ensure customer satisfaction.

* Proficiently operated studio technology to capture and edit high-quality photos, showcasing a keen eye for detail and a mastery of the tools at hand.

* Employed effective sales strategies to offer tailored solutions and the best deals to customers, demonstrating a thorough understanding of product offerings and studio services.

* Utilized the POS system to efficiently process transactions, ensuring accuracy and follow-through in completing sales and maintaining a seamless customer experience.


Summarized List of Film Set Experience


November 2022 - February 2023

UCSB FAMST 106 Student Short Film Production

BTS Photographer


November 2022 - February 2023

SBIFF 10-10-10 Short Film Submission

Graphic Designer


November 2022 - February 2023

Delta Kappa Alpha Independent Short Film Production

Graphic Designer, Costume & Makeup Artist, Production Designer, Social Media Manager


February 2023 - March 2023

Reel Loud Film Festival Short Film Submission

BTS Photographer, Sound Operator, Graphic Designer, Social Media Assistant


February 2023 - April 2023

Independent Short Film

Graphic Designer, Grip, BTS Photographer


April 2023 - May 2023

Reel Loud Film Festival Short Film Submission

Production Designer


April 2023

Reel Loud Film Festival Short Film Submission

Costume Designer/Art PA


March 2023 - April 2023

Reel Loud Film Festival Short Film Submission, Best Writing Award Winner 

Graphic Designer


April 2023 - May 2023

Independent Short Film

Director of Production Design, Social Media Manager


July 2023 

Professional Startup Pitch Commercial

Director of Photography, Assistant Producer


November 2023 

Professional Music Video for Indie Artist Sophia Nicole

Script Supervisor, 1st/2nd Assistant Camera 


October 2023 - January 2024

UCSB FAMST 106 Student Short Film Production

Graphic Designer


November 2023 - January 2024

UCSB FAMST 106 Student Short Film Production

2nd AC


February 2024

Bang Bang Studios Commercial Production

Production Assistant


March-May 2024

Reel Loud Film Festival Short Film Submission

Writer, Director, Producer, Graphic Designer


March-May 2024

Reel Loud Film Festival Short Film Submission

Director of Photography

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