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Wake Me Up To Drive

Project Type

Independent Student Film


April 2023


Graphic Designer, Grip

Wake Me Up To Drive, an independent student film project, is a slice-of-life coming-of-age short film about five girl friends who graduate high school and decide to take a road trip to a nostalgic campsite as an attempt to hold onto their last summer together. On the trip, they cling to each others’ company, argue, explore roadside attractions, and commit petty theft in a gas station, but all are secretly worried about drifting apart when the time to leave for college comes. They grapple with strong emotions once they reach their destination, realizing that young adulthood means always missing those they have left behind. Ultimately, they learn to trust that despite the distances between them, they are always connected by their shared girlhood.
Shown are the logo & graphics I have designed for the film and BTS photos I took while on set as a grip.

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